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Full Restorations

Car restoration is a major ordeal for your vehicle so you have to make sure it is done right. There are some things that you cannot get a second chance just to make it right, and car restoration is one of those. If not done properly, it can be a major nightmare.
A full restoration involves dismantling a car piece by piece to determine which pieces are in good condition, and which ones need to be fixed or replaced. Here at Motorossi, we look at every part of the car—not just to check a peeling paint or a damaged quarter panel, but to examine it extensively. Every car that rolls out of a full restoration has to be perfect because we believe that nothing less will do. Only an experienced and skilled shop such as Motorossi can do something like this for you.
We are in this business because of our passion, and that passion is to see cars on the road performing on their optimum. Motorossi can do a full restoration of your car whether the purpose is to personally enjoy driving an old Mustang you used as a teenager, enter a car show or just about any purpose you can possibly think of.
In our garage, your vehicle will be fully restored by qualified and trained professionals. Inspections and restorations are done by our experienced staff so you are guaranteed with nothing but the best services. We offer personal customer care, high quality work as well as transparent and fair pricing for your vehicle restorations.
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