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Overhauling Engines & Gear Boxes

Many car owners do not bother to have their cars overhauled as they do not think it is necessary. You should know, however, that car breakdowns are inevitable especially if the vehicle does not receive the proper care and maintenance it needs.
Problems are likely to occur and you may need an engine overhaul because most often, it cannot be avoided. For instance, if you often use your brakes abruptly, fuel will boost too much and this will cause the vehicle’s interior to experience a terrible abrasion. Minor car problems, when not given attention, becomes a major issue.
An engine overhaul involves a myriad of procedures such as honing cylinder walls, replacing piston rings, replacing and connecting rod bearings, restoring the valves, and rebuilding other parts such as carburetor, starter, distributor and alternator. The list can go on and on depending on what your vehicle specifically needs.
Several parts of your car may break down and may cause unexpected accidents if not immediately remedied. Therefore, you need to frequently take your car for an overhaul to avoid any potential problems.
Ensuring that your engine is running in good condition is important in keeping a well-maintained vehicle. However, you should not trust your engine overhauls to just any auto repair shop. Our professional and experienced technicians here in Motorossi can perform reliable and hassle-free engine diagnostics, repair and overhaul.
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