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Performance Modifications/Exhausts

The types of performance modifications we do here at Motorossi largely depend on the type of engine of your vehicle. Quite often, car manufacturers restrict the power of a car engine to give their other cars an edge in the market. This is a marketing technique to prevent customers from settling with cheaper cars that have the same performance. In this case, you can actually boost your car’s power through a performance modification. There are several types of performance modifications that we can do for your vehicle, depending on what you are willing to risk and what the car is capable of.
  1. Exhaust System—one of the most sought-after performance modification for car enthusiasts is the modification of the exhaust system. This makes the exhaust louder and therefore makes the car seem more powerful, possibly adding to the “intimidation factor” for other car owners. Here at Motorossi, we can modify your vehicle’s exhaust system to magnify its sound whilst maintaining its natural tone and ensuring that the exhaust system remains in its proper working condition.
  3. Engine Management—modern vehicle engines are controlled by electronic engine management chips. These chips control the performance of the engine—from the fuel air mix to the throttle response. We can replace or reprogram the chip to give your car an instant performance boost, but remember that this is expensive and may compromise other areas of your vehicle. Before deciding on an engine management modification, you need to be certain as it can be more expensive to have the engine modified back into default.
  5. Weight Reduction—reducing the weight of a vehicle is one of the most effective ways to improve its performance. You will be amazed with how much weight the vehicle can lose by modifying or removing the rear seats, carpets, roof linings, spare wheels and a several other car parts.
For your car performance modification needs, contact Motorossi today and allow our trained professional technicians to start doing the job.
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