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Starter Motor and Alternator

The starter motor and alternator of your vehicle are very likely to malfunction as you drive your car every day. Therefore, you need to make sure that these two components are in good condition.

The most common symptom of a malfunctioning starter motor is when you try to start your car and you hear a loud click. Sometimes you hear nothing, but the vehicle doesn’t start up anyway. Another symptom is when the headlights are bright and don’t dim when you start your engine, but all other electrical systems seem to be working fine. A malfunctioning starter may be caused by a bad key switch or a bad starter neutral, but most of the time, the cause is the starter solenoid.

Symptoms of a bad alternator is slow or hard cranking when you try to start your vehicle. Another is the battery light glowing on the dash. Your vehicle may also have an alternator problem if the battery light doesn’t turn on, as the alternator is responsible for turning the battery light on and off.

If you have been experiencing the above-mentioned problems, allow Motorossi to fix the problem for you. We have Adelaide mechanics who can replace or repair the alternator and starter motor to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Make sure that you trust only Motorossi’s Adelaide mechanics for guaranteed high quality services.

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