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Wheel Bearing and Steering

The wheel bearings are important for smooth wheel rotation. Wheel bearing problems can affect wheel separation and steering control. If your vehicle has wheel bearing problems, the symptoms will be pretty obvious.

Although your wheel bearings can last a good 85,000 to 100,000 miles, they will need to be replaced eventually. A problematic wheel bearing makes it difficult to maneuver the vehicle because of low friction rotation. Some of the symptoms of a problematic wheel bearing are as follows:

  1. Poor maneuvering—your vehicle probably has a wheel bearing problem when the steering wheel goes all over the place when not given a firm grip. The car may also pull to one side whenever you step on the brake.

  2. Noise—although vehicle noise can be associate with several other car problems, squealing and chirping are most commonly related to wheel bearing problems. The car may also make grinding noises whenever your turn to another direction.   

If not immediately remedied, a problem with the car’s wheel bearing and steering can put you and your family into serious danger. Motorossi mobile mechanics Adelaide can perform repairs for the following vehicle parts associated with steering and suspension:

  • Power steering pump

  • Steering rack

  • Shock absorbers

  • Leaf spring

  • Sway bar & bushes

  • Strut inserts

  • Steering box

  • Power steering hose

  • Coil springs

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