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Motorossi car specialist has many years of car servicing experience when it comes to your vehicle.

We specialise in Honda, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mazda and Mercedes including all European cars here in Stepney, South Australia.

Firstly, we provide a evaluation to your vehicle.

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- Basic servicing

The uneventful trip to the garage, the news you do not wish to hear is finding out that your engine re-fit could have been avoided had you just serviced your car. As if to rub salt in your wounds, a lot of expensive repairs are easily preventable with proper maintenance and on-going care of your vehicle.

But if you're anything like most, you put the task off to your local garage. In much the same way that you avoid washing your car, the important job of looking after it. Any number of procrastinations can keep you from the easy and simple jobs that could save you a painful outing to the mechanics.

Servicing your car isn't the go to for all problems, if your power steering was on its way out then a new air filter isn't going to change that. At Motorossi as a mniminun we advise our clients for the holy trinity of car servicing (air filter, oil change and spark plugs) will alleviate many problems and keep your car in a healthy condition.

Oil Change

This is the messiest and probably the most mechanical aspect of servicing your car.

The safest option is to do this when the oil is cold and you haven't started the engine. This will avoid the chance of scalding yourself with burning motor oil, but you won't get the cleanest empty.

If you're confident enough in your ability to not get hurt, changing the oil of your car when it's hot is a more dangerous but more effective procedure. Due to the fact that the oil has circulated the engine, it has become less viscous and will have picked up any of the residue that has been sitting in the pits and pipes of your car.

Jacking your car or driving it onto a mechanic's ramp, you want to locate the sump which should be somewhere beneath the driver's seat. The sump nut will normally require an Allen key, but a socket set will be sufficient. Loosen the sump nut and get ready with a bucket or a tray to catch the oil, when you're in position remove the nut completely and watch the filthy oil cascade.

Once the sump is empty, you want to unscrew the oil filter located to the right of the sump (there will be a small amount of oil in here too) and replace it with a new one. When the new oil filter is on and the sump nut replaced, fill your car back up with beautiful clean oil.

Air Filter

This is the easiest job of them all. The air filter will often sit right at the top of your engine in a large plastic case which is connected to a tube. Remove the screws holding the casing down and take out the air filter; it will either be a cylinder like your oil filter or a round tube. The cylinders will unscrew whereas the tubes will just pull out. Pop in a new filter and replace the casing. Done.

Spark Plugs

This will be a different job for each car, and can be immensely tricky. Whilst not a difficult task, the position of the spark plugs indicate the complexity of the task. Little fingers will be best here (but don't get your kids to do it!) When the engine is cool, remove the air filter casing and search for the spark plugs. Most cars will have four, and you can trace electric wires to their positions. Pull the wires from the plugs, to a satisfying pop, and you'll unearth the metal of the plugs themselves. You want to dig out your socket kit and find the right size, hoping that you have the right angle to remove them.


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